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Presentation of POCT Online Database

POCT ONLINE was specifically created to provide, in a user-friendly format, extensive information that can help users find and evaluate the equipment that best meets their needs

In 2005, interest arose within the Spanish Society of Laboratory Medicine (SEQCML) in creating a working group focused on Point-of-Care Testing (POCT). This group created a "Guide for the implementation of laboratory tests at the point of patient care", published in 2006.

Subsequently, in 2012, the SEQCML promoted the incorporation of new professionals, which ultimately led to the creation of the current Point-of-Care Testing Commission.

During its first few years, the Commission developed many activities, such as the creation of documents, surveys, and publications, the organization of courses and seminars, and also participated in research and development projects related to POCT. All of this was done in collaboration with other SEQCML Commissions as well as other scientific societies, such as the Spanish Diabetes Society, which granted to this Commission the interdisciplinary role so important in this type of tests.

One of the latest activities of the Commission has been the creation of a database on POCT equipment, called POCT ONLINE. Within both the Commission itself and our different work environments, we have always shared the view of the great difficulty that existed in quickly and easily finding the POCT equipment and/or devices for measuring a specific test. The development and growth of this technology is exponential, which is why we began to see the crucial need to create a consultation tool that would resolve all of these observed limitations.

The SEQCML supported this idea from the beginning through its later development and incorporation into the website. The POCT Commission began conversations with different in vitro diagnostic companies, with the aim of inviting them to freely and voluntarily collaborate. Thus, the information offered in this database has always been provided by the suppliers. The POCT Commission and the SEQCML claim no responsibility for the truth of the information or the quality of the equipment. As noted on the website, once the database has been consulted, it is the user´s responsibility to make the appropriate evaluations to choose the option that best meets their needs and quality requirements.

The POCT ONLINE database will be updated periodically in collaboration with the companies involved, and will continue to be developed further with the incorporation of additional information that could be useful for users.

Behind every reported result in the POCT environment there are many activities carried out by numerous professionals, such as the evaluation of methods, quality assurance, training and qualification of personnel, connectivity, daily monitoring of the equipment that makes up the network, reports of results, etc.

Once the benefits of the use of POCT technology in the clinical environment is evaluated, a process begins with the correct choice of equipment. POCT ONLINE was specifically created to provide, in a user-friendly format, extensive information that can help users find and evaluate the equipment that best meets their needs. As always, patient care is the main objective of our activities.

Information on the Point-of-Care Testing (POCT) Commission, as well as the database, can be found in the following link: